Discounts and Promotions

We created a portal enabling you to buy a branded sport equipment and clothes for different kinds of martial arts, as well as for the general physical training. On our website, you can buy such products at the lowest prices.

In order to make these even more affordable to the customers, we introduced a system of discounts and promotions. Our clients always have a possibility to purchase competition gloves, helmets, protective vests, punching bags, as well as other equipment and clothing from such well-known brands as Adidas, Venum and Leone 1947, Boxeur des Rues, Royal, with considerable discounts.

All promotional goods are displayed in this section. Like in other parts of the catalogue, convenient filters are used to search for necessary clothes and equipment.

You can choose the goods by:

  • price;
  • manufacturer;
  • Size;

Additionally in the upper left corner, there are widgets to sort and customize the display of products. With an aid of these, it is possible to choose an optimal number of items to display on the screen, as well as criteria for the order of their priority.

To what products discounts apply?

Our customers can purchase the most different types of equipment and clothes at reduced prices. We invite you to order mouth guards, shin guards, training gloves, bandages, groin guards and much more on advantageous terms.

Discounts apply to almost all categories of products. Thanks to direct supplies from manufacturers, sport equipment, boxing shorts, gowns, kickboxing pants, coach belts and other products necessary for martial arts can be with reduced price. A wide range of models allows you to find promotional goods in the most different categories.

Double benefit

Our portal allows you to buy different types of sportswear and equipment with great savings. It is not just a matter of discount: we developed a system for you that allows making large purchases without delivery costs. Transportation of goods free of charge can be made within Estonia and to other countries as well. In appropriate section, you can find more information on this subject.

Additionally, thanks to tailored payment system, our customers can choose the most convenient way of transferring funds. This allows you not to spend a penny on exchange to choose a payment system. Transactions from abroad are also accepted, including these made through Russian internet banking and bank links of Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

Buy with advantage on our portal!