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RDX Hüppeliigese tugi

RDX Ankle support sleeve is instrumental for tendovaginitis, sprain and strain recovery. Made using Polyrastic™ material for enhanced durability and stretchiness, the support is made of unique B-Wing™ design to ensure conformity to the ankle. With Ayz-F™ elastic the support sticks well to the ankle and helps in improving performance.

  • Built using Polyrastic™ material to ensure the much needed stretchiness

  • Unique B-Wing™ design for secure fit and perfect conformity to the ankle

  • Exclusive RDX Ayz-F™ elastic incorporated for position retention and snug fit

  • Easy Slipastic™ on/off system for ease of removal

  • Secure against strain, sprain and Tendovaginitis

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12,50 €